Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Spring 2007

Project 1: Scholar's Archive
The Mies van der Rohe Foundation is sponsoring the Scholar's Archive Project. The Foundation is engaged in the reconstruction of three buildings: 1) the Wolf House, 1926, Gubin, Poland (formerly Guben, Germany), 2) the Hermann Lange House, 1928, Krefeld, Germany, and 3) the Josef Esters House, 1930, Krefeld, Germany. In addition to the reconstruction, each building will require the design and construction of a Scholar's Archive that will provide facilities for research on Mies van der Rohe, the Modern Movement, and each of the individual buildings. Each student will design a Scholar's Archive for one of the buildings listed above.
Project 2: Montessori School, Jersey City, NJ
The design of educational facilities has provided challenges and opportunities for Architects to create a direct and lasting contribution to their communities for future generations. Understanding the educational philosophy inherent within the Montessori pedagogy and interpreting the spatial environment required to enhance this learning experience is the responsibility of each student and critical to the presentation of a coherent design proposal.
Project 3: Masonry Build
The masonry build or fragment is intended to verify and communicate the design concept. It should take a critical moment within the design project that allows for the expression of architecture, space, materiality, structure, etc. As such, it can be evaluated relative to these terms and on its technical merits as a built object.
Excerpt from Syllabus
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