Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Fall 2006

Project 1: Canopy
Each student is asked to design an entry canopy for the eastern entrance to the School of Architecture along MLK Boulevard.
Project 2: Gallery, New Jersey School of Architecture
The new "gallery" will focus on the exhibition of 3-dimensional media to respond to the evolving nature of design today. There are two primary programmatic components required for the new gallery: 1) a dedicated volume for the exhibit of small scale models and, 2) a dedicated space for large scale models.
Project 3: Artist in Residence, Storm King Ar Center, NY
The artist in residence program will provide a place for invited artists to live for a period of time at the Storm King Art Center. During this time they will have complete access to the grounds for research and leisure. They will also be provided modest living accommodations, an interior studio space, and an exterior studio space. The primary criteria for the program being that the residence and working studio be separate building structures and the exterior studio space become a connective spatial context between the two. The relationship of building to landscape must be carefully considered as it is the desire of the Center that these new structures are as innovative in their relationship to the natural landscape as the sculpture exhibited at the Center.
Excerpt from Syllabus
student work
student work
student work
student work