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Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio
Project 1: Scholar's Archive
The Mies van der Rohe Foundation is sponsoring the Scholar's Archive Project. The Foundation is engaged in the reconstruction of three buildings: 1) the Wolf House, 1926, Gubin, Poland (formerly Guben, Germany), 2) the Hermann Lange House, 1928, Krefeld, Germany, and 3) the Josef Esters House, 1930, Krefeld, Germany. In addition to the reconstruction, each building will require the design and construction of a Scholar's Archive that will provide faciliti ...
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Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio
Project 1: Canopy
Each student is asked to design an entry canopy for the eastern entrance to the School of Architecture along MLK Boulevard.
Project 2: Gallery, New Jersey School of Architecture
The new "gallery" will focus on the exhibition of 3-dimensional media to respond to the evolving nature of design today. There are two primary programmatic components required for the new gallery: 1) a dedicated volume for the exhibit of small scale models and, 2) a dedicated s ...
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Third Year Undergraduate Design Studio
The program for the semester will be to design two (2) mixed-use residential buildings with retail and/or cultural and parking components, as well as services for building residents. Project 1 will primarily concern itself with a "points and lines" approach to design and a complimentary structural system, STEEL. Project 2 will address the notion of "continuity" and utilize a complimentary structural system, CONCRETE.
Excerpt from Syllabus
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Fourth Year Undergraduate Design Studio
Ronkonkoma Transit Hub, New York
The aim of the studio is to introduce students of architecture to broad planning and urban design strategies that are demonstrable at a human scale. The Community Design Studio is a unique vehicle able to influence the future development of a community. Unlike previous design studios, here you will not only visit a site but also speak with planners active in shaping land use policy in the Town of Brookhaven, Long Island. The level of investigation s ...